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Welcome to the Citizen Portal

This site is for:

Applying for School Places for children living within Southampton City Council boundaries.

• Do not apply for independent/private school on this system.

• You should not apply for a Special School on this system. If your child has a Statement for Special Education Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan, you will need to contact the Special Needs Team on 023 8083 3270.

• Once you have made an application online, do not apply in any other way for a school place. We can only accept one application per child.

Before you can apply for a school place, you will need to register your email address and personal details. For instructions on registering and making an application please follow this link.

You are strongly advised to read the composite prospectus which gives details of all of the school in the city.

Apply for a 2yr old nursery Education Funding code.

This application form relates to 2 year old funding where certain criteria are met, as listed here.

If you are a working parent and wish to apply for the NEW 2 YEAR OLD FUNDING which comes into effect from April 2024, you can find more information and apply here