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Before you submit your application you should read the following Terms and Conditions:-

  • Unless you indicate otherwise, you will be sent your offer of a school place via an email and you will also be able to see the details on this website.
  • You are very strongly advised to read the Composite Prospectus and other information available on the council’s website. You should also read closely the admissions policy of any school that is its own admission authority. Their criteria differ from those of the Council in some important ways. A list of those schools is contained in the Composite Prospectus
  • If a place at a preferred school has been obtained on the basis of a false statement or false information, the Council or the admission authority for the school reserves the right to withdraw the place.
  • If the permanent address of the child changes after making an application, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible in writing.
  • If we are able to make an offer of a higher ranked school after the offer date, we will do so automatically and withdraw the earlier offer. If you don’t wish to be on the waiting list for your higher ranked preference, you must advise the Schools Admissions Team in writing as soon as possible after the offer date.